Written by Victoria Salzmann
Narrated by Valerie Mirarchi

"Sometimes death is the only solution. 

On a hot Texas night, high school senior Allie Garner discovers that the tiniest of choices has the power to destroy her. Ignored by her parents, shunned by her classmates, and hated by her best friends, she turns to the one person who can fix the nightmare. 

Luke Pierce is a damaged soul recovering from a suicide attempt, but he understands Allie's pain almost better than she does herself. When he agrees to her secret idea, the two begin planning a deadly pact: They will travel to the suicide capital of the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, and jump to their deaths together. As her end draws near, Allie must decide between her growing doubt that they are doing the right thing and a promise made to a boy who is nothing as he seems.   

If you loved The Fault In Our Stars or Thirteen Reasons Why, you will love Torn. This novel is a reflective road trip with a twist, as it's a story about a girl on a journey toward death, confronting the deepest, darkest parts of herself, and then having to choose between an end to the pain or the possibility of love. All of this finishes with a surprising ending that will make the listener want to explore the story again through a different lens. It's guaranteed to make you listen twice!"

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